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About Us

Limited-edition gym apparel designed for those dedicated to becoming the strongest version of themselves both in and out of the gym.

Iron Alliance is a fitness apparel company owned by graphic designer and powerlifter, Crystal Taibi. She designs each shirt and chooses tees and local print shops to work with to ensure each item is unique and high-quality. Iron Alliance appreciates every customer that supports us. If you have ideas for shirt designs, we would love to hear them, e-mail us at ironalliance@hotmail.com. We want to know who you are and what your story is. Reach out to us on social media (FB - Iron Alliance Gear; Instagram - @ironalliance). For those of you that follow us, we will have sales and contests too!

Iron Alliance isn't just another clothing line. It's a way of life and a family. Whether you are into powerlifting, bodybuilding, Crossfit, or any type of fitness, we all are trying to make ourselves better. Every customer is considered part of our team and we support each and every one of you in your goals. Thank you for your support!

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